Saturday, July 5, 2008

I survived Camp Fubar

Our Fourth of July fireworks spectacular was ... well, spectacular.

We fired the show at my friend Darryl Brook's campsite -- a/k/a "Camp Fubar -- at Weiss Lake in Alabama. More than 50 people showed up by showtime, and among the attendees were Bob Barr campaign strategist Stephen Gordon and several Georgia and Alabama Libertarian activists, including Shana Kluck and Lance Lamberton.

Not counting the 48 roman candles, there were 3,145 aerial shots in the show, which ran about 10 minutes. Criticism is possible (there were some timing issues, so that one of the finale stations didn't fire in exactly in sequence with the others) but the audience is the ultimate arbiter, and nothing but raves were heard from the spectators. "Better than Epcot!" (Somebody got video, and we'll link that as soon as it's online.)

Saturday morning, as we cleaned up debris, people in vehicles passing by on the road would shout out, "Great show last night!" We hope to do it again -- bigger and better -- for 2009. Which means, of course, that I've got only 364 days to get ready for Third Annual Camp Fubar Pyrotechnic Extravaganza.

Thanks to everyone who contributed, including my buddy David and my sons Bob, Jefferson and Emerson. Thanks to Jeff Wilson and the folks at Wild Wilma's Fireworks. And, especially, thanks to Mrs. McCain for putting up with the original Pyro-Dad.

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