Tuesday, July 1, 2008

June: Most awesomest month ever!

Sitemeter shows that June was the best month ever for The Other McCain, with more than 27,000 visitors -- an average of more than 900 per day!

Of course, a big part of that was due to the mighty Instalanche on July 16, linking the post "Obama: Still no bounce." That link helped drive 5,916 visits in a single day. I probably pitch 50 posts a month to Insty, and every time that 'lanche hits, I'm as giddy as a schoolgirl with a new puppy. Thank you, Professor Reynolds.

Other biggies of the conserva-sphere linking in the past month include Michelle Malkin, Hot Air, Ace of Spades, Stop the ACLU, Ann Althouse, and Outside the Beltway. (Checking Technorati, I don't see any recent links by the Jawa Report. Is Rusty mad at me or something?)

The weird thing this month was that I got linked by several left-wing blogs, including ThinkProgress and Crooks & Liars. Hey, traffic's traffic. If the Nutroots want to send traffic to a bourgeois capitalist pig blogger, I say, "Bring it on!" Call me nasty names, just link me, baby.

Speaking of shameless craving for traffic, one of my most consistent hit-makers is "Natalie Portman on a slim pretext," a bit of unabashed babe-blogging that seems to keep turning up in Google Image searches. As I said, traffic's traffic.

BTW, did I mention Ruslana Korshunova? In her underwear? Or do you want a video? Shameless (though not tasteless, like Geraldo).

Some might say that babe-blogging is evidence of right-wing sexist misogyny, or that it demonstrates the hypocrisy of conservative "family values." Nonsense. Every red-blooded American guy likes to see a pretty face now and then, and this is a red-blooded American blog. Blogging about politics all the time gets boring, so I try to mix in a little celebrity news every so often, just for a change of pace. And if Ann Hathaway has the occasional wardrobe malfunction, how is that my fault?

Come for the babes, stay for the politics. Or vice-versa. Either way, it's just good old-fashioned capitalism at work.

And it is working, after all. Traffic is steadily growing. In the first 15 days of June, we had six days with 600 or more visitors. In the last 15 days of June, we had only one day with less than 600 hits. Since March, monthly page views have nearly quadrupled to almost 38K and, while month-to-month growth slowed slightly in June, the point is, it's still growing. It's not like I have a "business model" or anything, but I do view it as a business. With the occasional model.

If I'm still blogging regularly in September, when public attention to the presidential campaign heats up, the traffic growth should really kick in -- presuming, of course, that Insty keeps linking me. But, hey, he's a red-blooded American guy, right?

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