Tuesday, July 1, 2008

How many Electoral College votes does France get?

From my latest American Spectator column:
HOWEVER MISBEGOTTEN Obama's Alaska expedition might be, at least the people there are eligible to vote for him. That's more than can be said for the folks the Democrat will encounter on the overseas trip the Obama campaign announced over the weekend. . . .
The same GOP wits who dubbed the most recent Democratic presidential candidate John Francois Kerry are sure to have a fun-filled field day with Obama's world tour. . . .
Obama's European excursion, like Plouffe's remarks last week about sending the candidate to Alaska, Wyoming, and perhaps Texas, is apparently an expression of the sublime optimism that seems to have seized the minds of the Democrat's top campaign operatives.
Please read the whole thing. This article builds on themes developed on the blog here and at AmSpec blog over the past week -- see here, here, here and here -- with some extra reporting on the "Unite for Change" events the Obama campaign hastily staged over the weekend.

It's a very interesting experience as a writer to switch hats from blogger to columnist on the same topic, drawing together into a single coherent theme the observations and research that had previously been scattered hither and yon across the blogosphere.

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