Monday, June 30, 2008

Why no 'Swiftboats'?

John McCain can expect little help from Republican 527 groups this year, Steven Thomma reports. I endeavor to explain this mysterious dearth of big-money Hope-haters at the AmSpec blog:
One major reason for the shortage of anti-Obama efforts is that many conservative activists put all their eggs into the anti-Hillary basket. Conservative authors in the past couple of years had issued a whole catalog of anti-Hillary books that are now politically irrelevant. Richard Collins rolled out his group in 2006, and in January, Citizens United premiered "Hillary: The Movie." Having invested so heavily in stopping her, the "usual suspects" on the Right have fewer resources left for stopping him.
Juan Cole gloats:
It could be that the country is in such a mess that even rich cranky white people are not sure they trust McSame not to give us another Bush term.
We note for the record that Juan Cole is both white and cranky. Further note that he is a full professor at the University of Michigan, where annual salaries of $300,000 for professors are commonplace. To say nothing of the fortunes to be earned in the lucrative field of blogging . . .

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  1. Who the hell needs "swiftboats"? Obama seems intent on mining the harbor with his own mouth, and who knows when one of his entourage (Wright, Rezko, Michelle, et al) will launch another torpedo in his direction. Gary Hart's campaign sank from fewer hits than Obama's has sustained. The only thing keeping him afloat are gasbags supplied by the media and 300K a year idiot academics.