Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hereditary trait

Roberta McCain, speed demon:
John McCain . . . likes to regale reporters on the subject of his mother's numerous speeding tickets -- one in Arizona some time back reportedly for clocking 112.
Crazy runs in the McCain family. I've had my share of speeding tickets, but I've never been caught doing more than 89 mph.

The one think I don't understand: If the cop was parked doing radar checks, and grandma flew past him at 112 mph, why did she stop? With such a head start, Roberta almost certainly could have outrun the cop.

In that situation, I'd have just floored it. Hit 140 mph while the cop was still pulling onto the highway. By the time he could catch up or radio for backup, I'd be out of sight, off the freeway at the next exit and parked behind a Waffle House. A cop can't get your tag number when you're a high-speed blur disappearing into the distance.

Like I said, crazy runs in the family. Never surrender when you've got a reasonable chance to escape.

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