Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hillary's hanging on

Down, but not out, she manages to stay afloat:
A Clinton campaign source just confirmed to The Fix that the New York Senator collected $20 million in the month of March, roughly half the total amount collected by Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.) over the same time frame. . . .
The Clinton source pointed out that the $20 million haul in March represented Clinton's second best fundraising month in the campaign. While Clinton's numbers mean she will likely be at a cash disadvantage over the final two months of the nomination fight, the $20 million shows that rumors of her financial demise are somewhat overblown.
She's ahead in Pennsylvania, neck-and-neck in Indiana and holding close nationally in the Gallup Poll of Democrats. If she's financially viable, she might still win this thing somehow. As I wrote last week for The American Spectator:
While reporters, pundits, and bloggers are pronouncing doom for her campaign, however, Mrs. Clinton seems undaunted by the odds against her. . . .
Trailing badly in the fourth quarter of her campaign for the Democratic nomination, Hillary may yet lose, but she seems determined not to quit until the final whistle.
Of course, I'm like every conservative in hoping for a titanic death-struggle between Hillary and Obama that goes all the way to the convention floor in Denver. But not every conservative has been close enough to look Hillary in the eye. She's a feisty one, I tell ya . . .

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