Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Greenwald Mock-a-Thon

Glenn Greenwald has a new book called "Great American Hypocrites: Toppling the Big Myths of Republican Politics":
[Republicans] have cultivated the ability to manipulate media behavior, largely as a result of a media eager to help. But what they do not have is popular support for virtually anything they are doing. And yet they continue to win elections.
How and why that happens -- the deceitful electoral tactics and manipulative personality-based myths the Right has perfected and continuously deploys to win elections, and the ways in which our slothful, vapid and complicit establishment press propagates those myths -- is the principal subject of this book. And understanding and exposing that right-wing/media artnership is a necessary precondition for weakening it.
(Via Memeorandum.) An April Fool's Joke? Alas, it's apparently a real book. Dig the Publisher's Weekly review at Amazon:
The author begins his attack by targeting John Wayne, whom he sees as a template for right-wing notions of American courage and conservative manliness. Wayne's avoidance of military service and his string of divorces, both at odds with his public image, are emblematic in this account of a fundamental hypocrisy implicit in conservative mythologies. Greenwald goes on to argue that prominent Republicans from Ronald Reagan to Mitt Romney display the same hypocrisy in their public ideologies and personal lives.

Glenn Greenwald vs. John Wayne? My money's on the Duke, despite the fact he's been dead for nearly 30 years.

Are liberals so stupid they'd pay money for a book in which Greenwald, a transparently phony sock puppeteer, lectures them about hypocrisy?

Yeah, they probably are. So this book will be a bestseller, and Greenwald and his Brazilian boyfriend will be able to afford to install a new pool at their pad in Rio. I'm sure the Duke would be touched.

I wonder if the book contains any warnings about that notorious bigot, Glenn Reynolds?

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