Saturday, April 5, 2008

Barr Campaign HQ

Reason magazine's David Weigel offers "four ways [Bob] Barr can avoid Ron Paul's mistakes," and you can click over to read for yourself.

The trend of political journalists offering unsolicited advice to politicians is nothing new. I've said before that I "dislike it when journalists do the armchair-strategist routine with campaigns," and criticized Jim Antle when he seemed to be "acting as an unpaid advisor to the McCain campaign." But since everybody with a press pass seems to be getting in on this game . . .

Top 5 Campaign Strategies
Rejected by Bob Barr

5. Pro-Skinny-Dipping -- An unnamed Barr adviser, eager to solicit the "youth vote" and emphasize that Barr has made a clean break with his Republican past, suggested that the congressman go skinny-dipping at Daytona Beach during Spring Break. Idea rejected after polling showed the "youth vote" was strongly opposed to seeing a 59-year-old man naked.
4. Barr Cigars -- Seeking to capitalize on Barr's role in the 1998 impeachment of Bill Clinton, a New York tobacco merchant suggested the idea of distributing "100% Lewinsky-free" cigars endorsed by Barr. Nixed because Kerry Howley complained of the gimmick's "misogynistic overtones."
3. "Campaign Shoot-Out" -- Highlighting the NRA board member's pro-Second Amendment stance, this projected reality show would have pitted Barr in a series of target-shooting matches against rival candidates, using a variety of firearms, including .50-caliber machine guns. Other campaigns inexplicably refused to participate. "No comment," said an Obama adviser. "Figure it out for yourself."
2. Karaoke Fund-Raiser Party -- Hoping to cash in on the "American Idol" craze, Libertarian strategists planned a $50-a-ticket "Karaoke Barr" night in Northern Virginia with Barr as the featurer performer. Event canceled after a campaign aide heard Barr practicing "The Surrey With The Fringe On Top."
1. Ulitimate Fighting Debate -- This was Barr's own idea -- a "No-Holds-Barr-ed" grudge match against Hillary Clinton. Advisers talked the candidate out of it by pointing out that (a) Hillary outweighs him by at least 20 pounds, and (b) Hillary might actually look better in spandex shorts.

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