Thursday, April 3, 2008

Anti-Mitt VP ad

Several major social conservative leaders -- including Paul Weyrich, Ted Baehr, Janet Folger, Sandy Rios and Peter LaBarbera -- have signed an ad opposing Mitt Romney as the Republican vice presidential candidate.
I could go on in an almost endless rant about why these guys have it wrong about Romney. . . .
Probably the saddest part of this was seeing Paul Weyrich’s name attached to the ad. Et tu Paul?
With McCain at the top of the ticket, it's going to be tough to get Christian conservatives excited about voting Republican, no matter who the running-mate is.

Exit question: If social conservatives say Mitt is unacceptable as VP, who will they accept? Rudy Giuliani? Ron Paul? Anybody with name recognition in a toss-up state?

UPDATE: Jeremy Lott makes the case for Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn, a solid all-around conservative. Dr. Tom's STD slide shows for Capitol Hill interns were always a shocker. Having Coburn on the ticket would boost the GOP's chances with both fiscal and social conservatives. The fact that he's from a deep-Red state means he wouldn't help in the geography department, but that's the only drawback.

UPDATE 4/4: Allahpundit weighs in:

The curious part is why any of this should be troubling to Paul Weyrich, who endorsed Romney for president as recently as four months ago, long after his positions on these issues had shaken out. . . .
After 18 months of Romney running for president, suddenly these guys have a problem with his record?
Not supporting Gov. Romney because he didn't fight gay "marriage" enough is like not supporting Elvis because he wouldn't dance.
My hunch is that Weyrich & Co. have another favorite for the VP slot and that this attack on Romney is a sort of pre-emptive attack on a rival.

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