Thursday, April 3, 2008

'A good deal of rumbling'

Al Regnery, author of Upstream, and publisher of The American Spectator, talks to The Wall Street Journal about John McCain:
"I hear a good deal of rumbling from conservatives," said Alfred Regnery, publisher of the conservative American Spectator magazine. Mr. Regnery said Sen. McCain is doing "some" courting but "probably not enough."
A judicious understatement, Mr. Regnery.

This whole WSJ article is premised on the false notion that there is something that Crazy Cousin John can say or do between now and November that will make conservatives vote for him. But the problem is what McCain has already done -- namely, his Senate record for about the past 10 years. No amount of campaign rhetoric over the next seven months can change that. McCain will never get my vote, and I'm sure there are many thousands of conservatives who share that view.

The best hope for the Republicans lies not in what McCain does, but in what the Democrats do. Say, for example, if they nominate a candidate extreme enough to be publicly endorsed by "Hanoi Jane" Fonda . . . But they wouldn't be that stupid, would they?

This is why I have no problem voting Libertarian in November. If the Democrats keep doing stupid crap like this, it won't be close enough for my vote to matter. Besides, I live in Maryland. Not like any Republican is ever going to win this state.

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  1. Yes, they would.

    But I think it's time to get beyond the MDS and start really hammering the Fonda-esque factions formulating their November strategies.