Thursday, April 3, 2008

He misspelled 'Jamie'

Some person calling himself "Jaime Sneider" at The Weekly Standard makes fun of chastity advocate Dawn Eden:
I have no doubt that a date with the author of The Thrill of the Chaste would be exhilarating--wait, actually, I do doubt it. Hence the conservative proverb, "Be right, live left."
(Hat-tip: Craig Henry.) If there is such a proverb, it's not conservative. Not everyone is virtuous -- I make no such claim for myself -- but it's very unconservative to scoff at virtue.

While I joined Ace in mocking the blogger girls in the John Hawkins survey, I didn't mock them for their virtue. And this alleged "Jaime Sneider" person doesn't link to Hawkins' site, and instead links a liberal site that ripped off Hawkins.

So I guess "Sneider" is conservative in the same sense that "National Greatness" is conservative, which is to say, he's not.

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