Monday, October 6, 2008

You can't explain what you don't admit

The refusal of certain Republicans to admit that John McCain has already lost the election means surrendering control of the narrative to Democrat who aren't afraid to claim victory for Obama:
Republican philosophies have been discredited by events. Voters understand this. This is a big election about big issues. McCain's smallball will not work. This race will not be decided by lipsticked pigs. And John McCain can not escape that reality.
Facing reality is not "panic." Denial is not a strategy.



  1. I think at this point I think it is Obama's election to lose, but the election of Obama isn't so much an actual refutation of republican, conservative or libertarian principles, as they haven't existed for the last 8+ years. It's a refutation of Bush and his ineffective leadership. McCain has let events and Obama define or redefine him and he has failed to define Obama for what he is. I think if Obama gets elected and the congress remains democrat, people will regret their vote. It's called cutting off your nose to spite your face. It'll also give me plenty to blog about.

  2. Denial is not a strategy. But doing a Private Hudson "Game over, man" isn't real effective either. In fact, sometimes it just makes sense to ignore the scoreboard and play hard. Especially after a couple of interceptions and fumbles.

    It was always about Obama. Right from the end of the primaries. It still is. John McCain is still the infuriating, confounding "maverick" that he has always been. That's what we all should've expected. The man has committed more political own-goals (to mix my sports) than anyone else who has lasted this long. He's the same idiot he's always been - dangerous to his party and conservatives. Not necessarily a danger to the republic. Whether Obama is seen to be such a danger is what will win or lose the election.

  3. Republican philosophies have been discredited by events.

    I wouldn't accuse the Progressive philosophies of having been justified, either.