Thursday, July 23, 2009

Michelle Malkin coming to Pittsburgh --
and everybody important will be there!

Mark your calendar, folks: The author of the Best Book Evah! is going to be in Pittsburgh Aug. 14-15 for the RightOnline National Conference at the Sheraton Station Square Hotel.

Americans For Prosperity has invited everybody who's important in the conservative blogosphere: Erick Erickson of, Ed Morrissey of, Matt Lewis of AOL’s Political Machine, and Ronald Kessler of

Most importantly, they've invited you! So go there and sign up now!

Y'all have fun. I wasn't invited. Like I said, "everybody who's important in the conservative blogosphere."

No, my feelings aren't hurt. I'm chopped liver, and chopped liver doesn't have feelings. But why does Americans For Prosperity hate me so much? What did I ever do to Erik Telford to deserve this purposeful snub?

Never mind. It's all my fault, I'm sure. Blame me.

UPDATE: Dave C wants me to remind you that, even though I'm chopped liver to Erik Telford and AFP, the Virginia Tea Party Patriots love me, and I'll be in Richmond on Saturday for their Liberty 101 Conference. Thanks, Dave. It's nice to know that not everybody hates me.


  1. So what is Liberty 101 then? :)

    The Tea Party event that invited you..

  2. Thanks for the love, Dave. Maybe Telford is just prejudiced against Southerners. That's common enough among stuck-up Yankee elitists. You've never seen hate until you've been a Southerner living north of the Potomac.