Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Matthew Yglesias has a sperm problem

Or, at least, he's worried he might have a sperm problem, after reading environmentalist scare stuff about declining fertility. Let's think about this.

Yglesias = 0 children.

Me = 6 children.

Why is this a "problem"? I'm just sayin' . . .


  1. World-class snark, sir!

  2. Pass the word to the Yglesias: Children are not conceived from anal sex

  3. Passive birth control for the entire nation. Isn't this what the radical left wants? You would think Yglesias would be happy.

    What do I know, I have six kids too.

  4. So long as lefties want to practice eugenics on themselves, I'm all for it. Less for us to deal with.

  5. Matthew Yglesias has a sperm problem

    Some links don't need to be clicked.

  6. Hormonal contraceptives, and, to a lesser extent, IUDs, can both have negative consequences for a woman's fertility. The longer a woman makes use of these types of contraceptives, the more likely she is to have problems conceiving. I don't know if the data was well enough controlled to account for these factors. A cursory review leaves me serious doubts.

    As for the decrease in male sperm counts, I attribute it to the rise of metrosexuals and other girly men. And the normalization of masturbation.

  7. I've always expected (hoped?) that the left would eventually abort/contracept themselves out of existance in the USA. I guess the final equation will depends on whether the strength of the media is stronger than the fertility of the conservatives. Like I've heard several priests say, the family is the most powerful vehicle of evangelization.