Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hotter Than a Firecracker
on the Fourth of July!

In all the IG-Gate madness, I forgot to post video of the fireworks show we did at the Third Annual Camp FUBAR Fourth of July celebration:

The highlights are at 3:07 and 5:01. Thanks to everybody who helped us with our massive deficit-spending stimulus project. And here's a special thank you:

Art hat-tip: Becky Brindle, who needs to update her blog more often.


  1. Beautiful!

    Love the commentary ("Is that the end? It's NEVER the end! You always THINK it's the THAT the end?)

    Great stuff!

  2. Somebody needs to eat some soap! Too many G-D bombs along with the real ones. Boo!

  3. The cursing in the commentary was provided by the boyfriend of the woman who operated the camera. Her cross to bear, so to speak.