Sunday, July 19, 2009

Rule 5 Sunday

by Smitty

You may have been the luck 2 megahit winner by navigating to this Rule 5 Sunday post. In the face of all of the ++ungoodness afoot these days, we round up cheerful imagery from all over the web for your admiration and appreciation.
  • We have a Rule 5 Premiere on our hands. But we don't know the exact identity of the lovely in question. We do have some clues:
    • The blog is Obi's Sister.
    • The year is 1977, the same year Star Wars premiered.
    • The subject has a twin-croissant hairdo, reminiscent of a brace of Carrie Fisher danishes.
    My guess: Una Hotta Uga, Obi Wan's girlfriend. Then again, I was never a Star Wars geek.
  • The Physics Geek has a physiques geek moment.
  • Morgan Freeberg links Maria Sansone. That lady seems to change clothes and hairstyles a lot. He also has a bit of a women dressed as super heroines theme going. This blog approves that message.
  • The Instapundit points to Reason Magazine's Economic Suicide Girls. Yeah, that kinda harshes the Rule 5 Sunday mellow, but we're really trying to help Reynolds with his traffic, see.
  • Grace Jones in a study in blue, with a mohawk. I'm not sure if if don't prefer the crew cut, though.
  • Miss Celania has a topless carwash clip that manages to be safe for work, while arguably committing vehicular homicide on good taste.
  • Donald Douglas submitted Breanne Ashley, triggering an outburst of medical opinion from Stacy. Contemplating the discussion of Douglas's image choice from Porch Manqué Headquarters, I will say that Breanne has nice ears.
  • Fishersville Mike discovered this week, to his chagrin, that Madonna is a Rule 5 landmine. Condolences to Fishersville on the occasion of this tragedy: he was a fine blogger. Too bad the stage landed on him. As a consolation prize, we'll link his Sarah Palin on ATV pic.
  • The Troglopundit features an extreme stripper, going right past the epidermis. "I want a doctor / To take your picture / So I can look at your from inside as well"

  • Sir Bob of Belvedere brings you the soft drinks and hard...links. Then he takes retro dame blogging to a new, narrative noir level. Paco's iron grip on Cold War hotties may be threatened by all this.
  • No problem for Paco, though. He's graduated from stills to movies with some Eleanor Powell action.
  • Jeffords brings us the Kim Kardashian, but that last shot of her is nearly as rough as the gawd-awful cyclops pic at the top of the page. (Rule 5 generally being about the 'less is more' school of makeup and enhancement).
  • 3...27, 4...64...that distant screaming you hear is the Troglopundit, who (5...125) quite foolishly, revealed a fear of cube roots while linking Sarah Michelle Gellar. And you thought I was calling a football play.
  • Three Beers Later submits Rosella Brescia with a NSFW warning, but it's YouTube, so it's probably not too extreme. No, I'm not previewing everything. I have to maintain plausible deniability.
  • Dustbury contributes a mother-daughter pair in red. Actresses, apparently.
  • The Classic Liberal features Rose McGowen. This blog weeps at the bitter economic downturn expressed in the threadbare attire of the third photograph. Rose, arms raised in supplication, looked over her shoulder with a plaintive expression on her face in hopes of a federal bailout from the G-Man onlooker.
  • Carol at No Sheeples Here keeps us honeston track with some Alan Ladd linkage.
  • Dan, at Piece of Work in Progress, remains googoo for Gaga. See, the beauty of the cloudy-nets is that I can write sentences like that.
  • Dave at Point of a Gun links the Nike Bear Butte Running Camp clip, a co-ed nudist jogging exposé in pixelated, cheeky, non-sexual, arguably SFW glory.
  • We welcome the return of the Political Castaway, who links the POTUS Brazillian booty-quiddick moment.
  • And, speaking of -quiddick, Atlas Shrugs posted Mary Jo, a flower plucked way too early. Saturday marked the 40th anti-versary of something unspeakable on a variety of levels.
Only you can help Rule 5 Sunday end on a less tragic note. Send links and treasure maps to Smitty. If you were the lucky winner of the 2 millionth hit on this blog, we can assure you that you won't be taxed for that event. The 3 millionth visitor may not be so fortunate.

Rule 5 All Star Deuce at the Skepticrats contributes some Drew Barrymore.

Update II:
Donald Douglas on the "Double Fibbative Theory" posts a fully clothed Erin Andrews photo under the title Nude Video of Erin Andrews! Two wrongs don't make a right, but sufficient prevarication makes a successful political campaign. Douglas for CA governor!


  1. Actually, those particular Deschanels are sisters, though their mom (Mary Jo) got camera time in her day.

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