Friday, July 24, 2009

Iowahawk Beats Amphibious Ted Down

by Smitty

Burge just throws the health care reform debate into the Chappaquiddick river. [Potty mouth]:
The statistics are sobering: the cost of American health care is rising almost as fast as the cold, briny water bubbling up from our floorboards. So far we have already lost the 8-track player and several Vic Damone tapes, and if allowed to continue these trends threaten to engulf all of us within the Oldsmobile. We must quickly wake up and face the facts: inaction is no longer an option. That is why it is critical for the future of all the occupants that one of us swim off and get us some kind of free health care program. I nominate me.
In related hit-the-drinkery, Fish Fear Me offers a brief on Apollo 11.

Now, somebody I want to buy the beverage of his choice is the dude who connected the Apollo program with Amphibious Ted, in Our Dumb Century, pg. 115: "Apollo 13 Astronauts Drown As Ted Kennedy Flees Splashdown Site". Oddly, this gem is unavailable on their historic prints page. Where is the capitalism in that?

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