Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fraud against 'An American Carol'?

That's what Little Miss Atilla says, and the producers are investigating. I have no problem believing that biased ticket clerks would sabotage a conservative film, since biased bookstore clerks do everything they can to sabotage conservative books.

You should go see An American Carol -- it's funny. Here's my mini-review, and here's the trailer:


  1. Oh boo friggin hoo.
    Seriously, why are Repugs allergic to accountability?
    It's unbelievable!!
    Every perceived setback is someone else's fault.
    Economic meltdown is the fault of minorities, Palin is a lousy candidate: It's the media's fault!
    Listen, the minute trailers revealed Bill O'Reilly was in the movie it was bound to tank. And frankly it just doesn't look that funny. Americans are not interested in partisan movies, especially conservative movies.
    For all the conservative talk about folks who play the victim card you guys sure do love to whine about everything that doesn't go your way.
    Grow up you panty waists!

  2. This is hilarious. Spike Lee has claimed the same thing when his films haven't done well. Theatre fraud -- the "man" doesn't want you to his dangerous films.

    Time to grow a pair.