Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Could I be . . . wrong?

Having declared the election over, I'm now beginning to have doubts. Why? Because the Left seems to be starting its victory lap early, convinced that calling Americans racists is the winning ticket.

Exhibit A - Glenn Greenwald:

[O]ne of the ugliest, nastiest, most invective-filled personality attacks a major candidate has ever delivered, blatantly designed to stoke raw racial resentments and depict Obama as a Manchurian candidate funded by secret Arab Terrorist sources -- a truly unstable and hate-mongering rant . . .

Exhibit B - Mike Dukakis:

"That ad with Frank Raines was despicable. . . . I mean, what was that anyway? First, it was bald-faced lies. Right? These guys had met once, and Raines is not his housing adviser. Secondly, he put two black guys up there with this older white woman who's losing her house or whatever. What do you think that's all about? It isn’t even subtle."

Exhibit C - Firedoglake:

I can't wait to see these people completely broken and humiliated. I really can't.
Self-righteousness and hubris are a bad combination in politics, and it's possible that Democrats are mounting a desperate last-ditch effort to lose this election.

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  1. Wait for a few more Democrats and their activist friends to call for trials and "truth committees" to investigate Bush and Cheney. And for regular people to have it sink in just what that would mean for the country. That will add real meaning to the hubris you're pointing out now.

    Let a few more people realize that it was the press who mistook "Talibani" for "Taliban" and fabricated a criticism of Palin from it. Ordinary people know the press is biased in this race - they are only now figuring out it is also stupid and deceitful.

    Obama's bizarre call for a civilian defense force will resurface. It doesn't take a black-T-shirt-camo-pants survivalist to fear that. Obama will continue to ignore every serious question about himself and ambitions.

    ACORN will have more offices raided and more frauds exposed and people will learn that Obama is of and from them.

    As much as people hated and distrusted the Bush - Pelosi - Reid bailout, they will fear even more having Obama at the head of that triumvirate.

    Obama only defeated Hillary by building up a lead in delegates before the big primaries and then using his associations and maumau tactics to keep the super delegates in line. That won't work here.

    I'm more afraid of the Obama / ACORN vote fraud machine and early voter manipulations like in Ohio than the polls right now. Real voters can be won over, frauds take far longer to correct.

  2. What's last-ditch about it?

  3. The other hand you need to achieve clapping is your good cousin.
    No, I'm not referring to the POW thing.
    I'm referring to the fifth-from-anchorman thing.
    Having graduated ~750 in my class at Sing Sing on the Severn, I can tell you that living on the edge breathes life into a bottom-dweller like JSM.
    No, the Left's better gambit is to build a false sense of security on the Right.
    However, the Left is so emotional and tactical in their myopic, Icarian view that they'll go for overkill rather than the simple win.
    I just hope no one connects "Owner, Democratic Party" from the Forbidden SNL Sketch with the Wall Street Carnage, or the ignorant unwashed of the USA may reject their new, thickly accented overlord before he is crowned.