Monday, April 14, 2008

Video: Barack & the bitter people

Some politicians claim to love "the little people"; Obama loves the bitter people. (This is an official campaign video; not a parody):

I like how the (obviously bitter) college student asks about the word "oligarchy." (Take notes, kids -- this might be on your final exam.) The Obama campaign sent me that video, along with this e-mail message:
Earlier this month, we wrapped up a bus tour of Pennsylvania, and it was an amazing trip.
For six days, we visited factories and schools -- even a bowling alley -- and talked to folks from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia about the issues affecting their lives.
The April 22nd primary in Pennsylvania is our biggest remaining contest, and supporters from around the country are taking the trip this week to help build our movement there.
Our team put together a video of the bus tour. Check it out -- then sign up to go to Pennsylvania and help Get Out The Vote this week:
Hearing these stories confirmed something you and I already know -- our great country is facing some serious challenges.
But it also showed me that what unites us is much stronger than what divides us.
We all believe that people who are willing and able to work should be able to earn a decent wage. We agree that folks should never go bankrupt just because they, or their loved ones, get sick. And we know how important it is that we leave a livable planet for the next generation.
None of this is going to be easy -- but if we come together as Americans to pursue our common goals, all of it will be possible. It will be possible if people like you commit to make a difference right now.
That's why I'm asking you get involved in our campaign in Pennsylvania in this crucial final week before the primary.
Sign up now:
This election isn't going to depend on the polls or the pundits. It's going to depend on you -- and your vision for where we want to take this country.
I hope I can count on your help in Pennsylvania.
Thank you,
Barack Obama
It's so great that Obama himself sent me this personal e-mail message -- because, man, am I ever bitter!

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