Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tim Robbins: Punk

There are other left-leaning performers who seem to be OK as human beings, but Tim Robbins has always struck me as an arrogant punk. And now he gives a boastful, insulting speech to the National Association of Broadcasters:
Robbins peaked with what he called a three-pronged proposal that broadcasters should adopt in order to eliminate "confusing, complex issues" such as diversity of thought and opinion.
"First, erase all diversity," he said. "You only need two opinions. Second, stay focused on sex scandals. We don't want any kind of reporting outside the soundbite. I don't know about you, but show me a drunk starlet getting out of a car with no panties on, and I think the world is a better place. Third, more distraction. The economy sucks? Chaos in Iraq? It is a moral responsibility to distract." . . .
"In all seriousness, folks," Robbins said, dropping the good-natured satirical tone, "We're at an abyss as an industry and a country." He talked of pervasive cynicism in the country and added that "you, as broadcasters, have the power to turn the nation away from cynicism. Or you can hide behind the old adage, 'I'm just a businessman, just providing what the audience wants.'
I'm sorry, but that isn't "good-natured" satire or "good-natured" anything else. It's just a rude, ill-informed and obnoxious diatribe that wouldn't even qualify for "front page" at Daily Kos. It sounds like Robbins wrote his "speech" during an all-night coke binge while reading Glenn Greenwald.

The broadcasting industry actually paid Robbins for that abusive rant. Apparently Robbins has some kind of martyr complex. Michelle Malkin writes:
It is just so very, very damned difficult to speak your mind (such as it is) when you’re a Hollywood liberal in America, isn’t it?
Wealthy movie stars are horribly oppressed . . .

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