Sunday, April 13, 2008

'Get over it'?

Breaking my no-blogging-today promise, I just have to link this insulting column at
For John McCain, the good news is that the Democrats are beating themselves up. The bad news: Certain movement conservatives and business types are dissing him -- not embracing his candidacy as they should. . . .
(Note the "should" -- people just love being told what that "should" do.)
McCain does not generate enthusiasm in the business community the way other Republicans do. . . .
(Maybe they were in favor of the tax cuts that McCain voted against?)
Similarly with certain movement conservatives. They yearn for romancing by McCain, and though he has gone a-courtin’ it has been — they judge — with insufficient ardor. He hasn’t done it the right way. To top it all off, they don’t like some of his advisers — either their personalities or their views.
(Translation: Anyone who doesn't enthusiastically support McCain is petty and selfish.)
These conservative ideologues measure the McCain candidacy in terms of their own power within the conservative movement. They see that power as being eroded in a McCain presidency. They feel that if their opinions are not solicited in the campaign, then their influence certainly would not needed -- or felt -- in a McCain presidency. So some play coy or are outright hostile in withholding their support now. . . .
So it is indeed time for hypercritical conservatives and business types to get over it -- to bury their egos and their lingering hesitations or reservations — and support a John McCain with the appeal to the moderates and independents that any national Republican has to have to prevail against a lunatic leftism.
I could do more italicized snarking, but you get the picture: John McCain is entitled to your support, regardless of his record, regardless of anything he has said or done. In the McCainiac worldview, loyalty is a one-way street. McCain can be completely unresponsive to your concerns and yet remain blameless. You, however, are an ignorant and immoral wretch if you don't support McCain.

All Good Americans Must Rally to the Great Leader! And it is unpatriotic to ask why.

As James Antle says: "If you think obnoxious, boilerplate columns that barely advance a single positive argument for the Republican nominee will rally conservatives behind John McCain, then Ross Mackenzie has really hit one out of the park."

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  1. Why don't we just eat our own again and let Obama or Clinton reclaim the White House. That'll do the trick.

    Where did the '94 Conservatives go and why did they leave?