Friday, April 18, 2008

Bill Ayers: Online terrorist

Garance Franke-Ruta notes that Bill Ayers is now part of the blogosphere:
It turns out that Ayers -- known in Chicago as Bill -- is not much of a fan of how he has been characterized in the press recently, either. And so he's taken to his blog,, to write about it. On April 6, Ayers responded to his increasingly prominent role in the Democratic presidential nominating contest and what he described as "some fantastic assertions about what I did, what I said, and what I believe," including accusations that he is "an unrepentant terrorist" . . .
In fact, Ayers says, those who tied to stop the "illegal, murderous, imperial war against Viet Nam ... recognize that our efforts were inadequate: the war dragged on for a decade, thousands were slaughtered every week, and we couldn't stop it. In the end the U.S. military was defeated and the war ended, but we surely didn't do enough."
Nor does Ayers believe his actions with the Weather Underground were terrorism. "I've never advocated terrorism, never participated in it, never defended it. The U.S. government, by contrast, does it routinely and defends the use of it in its own cause consistently," he wrote.
Ayers was the leader of a Marxist terror cult that planted bombs and called for the violent overthrow of the U.S. government. He can spin it any way he wants, he can try to define his crimes out of existence, but the facts are the facts. Does Ayers really expect us to believe that the infamous 1969 "Days of Rage" in Chicago were not terrorism?

Ayers tries to fool people into believing Weather Underground was strictly an anti-Vietnam protest group. In fact, Ayers and his Underground colleagues continued to advocate revolution long after U.S. troops were withdrawn from Vietnam, and their terrorism did not end with the bombings of the 1970s.

Ever hear of the 1981 Brinks armored car robbery? That was perpetrated by some of Ayers' radical comrades, including one of his former disciples, Kathy Boudin. So if the Weather Underground was all about ending the "imperial war against Viet Nam," why were Ayers' disciples still engaged in terrorist crimes more than five years after the fall of Saigon?

The '60s Left still seems to believe its own propaganda, but there's no reason that the rest of us have to buy into their lies.

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