Saturday, February 2, 2008

Saturday AM Surfing

Not to be missed this morning:

(Y'know, if Alan keeps bringing the funny like this, they'll have to rename it "Colmes & Hannity.")

(Speaking of Michelle, have you noticed that she is actually on Fox more nowadays, despite her continuing Geraldo-inspired boycott of "O'Reilly"? She appeared on two different Fox shows Thursday. Fox needs to dump Geraldo and create a new weekend show, "Sunday News Foxes with Malkin, MK & KP.")

Super Tuesday may be the voters' last chance to bring the so-called "straight talk express" to a screeching halt.
This morning's surf ends with yet another brutal takedown on Crazy Cousin John, this one from Karl at Protein Wisdom:
As Karl Rove put it in the 2000 campaign, ” Senator McCain is a 17-year Washington insider whose accomplishments are few and far between.” Not much has changed in the interim.
That was then. Now, I suspect Rove is the "secret" strategist behind the McCain bandwagon. That's why so many Republican know-it-all types keep trying to tell us it's a lead-pipe cinch for McCain. Just like they told us that Senate passage of the Rove-McCain-Kennedy-Martinez amnesty was a done deal.

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