Saturday, February 2, 2008

Master Chief Scotty vs. Coulter

Oooooh, boy. Nothing I like less than to see my friends at odds with one another, but I just got off the phone with my old buddy, Scotty the Master Chief, a veteran Navy guy who voted for John McCain in the Florida primary.

To say the Master Chief is angry with Ann Coulter's "I'll campaign for Hillary" stance would be a huge understatement. A lot of what Scotty had to say is unprintable, but I'll quote some of the rest:

"You're either on one side or the other. ... What she has to say doesn't mean a damn thing to anyone who's ever spent a day in harm's way in defense of this country. But I'm happy she's got the right to run her mouth."

Well, Scotty, that "one side or the other" thing is part of the basic problem, right?

BTW, Crazy Cousin John's getting a lot of backup from Navy guys -- Captain Ed Morrisey, for example.

In the latest news, the polls are tightening, and a column in the Boston Globe suggests Super Duper Tuesday may not prove decisive.

Courtesy of Hot Air, here's video of Ann appearing Friday on Neil Cavuto:

The Master Chief just got back from a training mission, but he's got my personal invitation to join me at CPAC -- we haven't seen each other in about 20 years, and it will be a great reunion before I fly off Feb. 11 to The Very Dangerous Foreign Country.

By then, Super Duper Tuesday will be over, and maybe this ugly internecine Republican feud will be calmed down, too. Saturday night, Ann Coulter is speaking at George Washington University, and I'm sure my friend Sergio Gor would be honored to have the old Master Chief in attendance.

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