Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sexy vs. Grumpy

Look, if you're one of those people who fetishizes over "electability" (greetings, Mr. Podhoretz; howdy, Mr. Kristol), the now two-man race between Romney and Crazy Cousin John is a no-brainer.


Eh ... not so much.

I report. You deride.

Never, ever will I forget the profound sense of betrayal that I felt on May 25, 2006 -- a date that will live in infamy -- when Crazy Cousin John somehow persuaded 22 other "Republican" senators to join him in supporting the McCain-Kennedy Destroy America Act of 2006 (MKDAA06), the most heinous sellout since the Molotov-Ribbentrop treaty of 1939. By comparison, Quisling, Iago, Catiline and Judas were men of honor.

At that time, I was blogging in support of "Donkey Cons" (buy TWO!) and dubbed "The 'Y' Party" those so-called "Republicans" who voted for MKDAA06. I wrote at the time:

The "Y" Party is a criminal conspiracy to defraud American voters of their country. And it is a vast conspiracy indeed, involving the president, the vice president, and 23 members of the United States Senate who -- it was revealed on Thursday, May 25, 2006 -- committed perjury the day they were sworn into office.

It was true then, it's true now, and the "Republican" author of MKDAA06 doubled down by pushing a gussied-up retread of the same duplicitous scam in 2007. He is a monomaniac, determined to "elect a new people," as Brecht said. Rejected by conservatives in 2000, he has returned the rejection with compound interest.

To make an analogy, Crazy Cousin John is to the conservative cause as a dog is to a fire hydrant.

I'm told that Mark Levin has resolved to quit talk radio if Crazy Cousin John wins the GOP nomination. Levin is a brilliant legal scholar, and surely recognizes these basic principles:

  • There can be no liberty without law.
  • There can be no law without sovereignty.
  • There can be no sovereignty without citizenship.
  • There can be no citizenship without borders.

Amnesty is the negation of fundamental legal principles. It is an insult and an injury to the rule of law.

Ronald Reagan signed an amnesty in 1986, but mercifully did not live to see the consequences. Surely, were he here today, Reagan would say of Simpson-Mazzoli that it was a mistake, just as was his 1967 signing of California's "therapeutic abortion" law.

While Crazy Cousin John has admitted that his 2005-07 "shamnesty" crusade was a political mistake, he has never admitted that it was a moral mistake. It was a solemn oath foresworn, a trust betrayed, an act of sadistic cruelty and treachery.

The GOP Establishment, attempting its patented "Harriet Miers Move," is trying to tell conservatives that we have no choice in the matter.

To which I proudly answer, "F--- You, GOP Establishment."

Look, my last day on the job was Monday. For good or ill, I am my own man now, and a week from now, I'll be on my way to a Very Dangerous Foreign Country. So if I never work another day as a neutral, objective journalist in Washington, so be it. But the neutral, objective fact is that, by sponsoring MKDAA06, Crazy Cousin John sold out his party, broke his oath of office, and conspired with the Chappaquiddick Swim Champ to destroy our nation.

The Neidermeiers of the GOP Establishment tell us that McCain's narrow victory amongst his fellow geezers in Florida means that it's over.


OK, we've got Rush, Levin, Ingraham, Malkin, surely we've got Michael Savage. Who else?

UPDATE: Long, long ago, when I was a newbie blogger, someone gave me some sage advice which can be boiled down to four words: Trackback like a mofo.

Nothing gets your name out there like trackbacking at those major blogs (including Malkin, Hot Air and OTB) that allow trackbacks.

On those slow days when you get Site Meter Fever with overtones of bloggernoia (defined as the irrational fear that your failure to get linked by Instapundit is the product of a vicious conspiracy) the traffic produced by trackbacks will comfort you.

Look, kids, I remember when Jammie Wearing Fool first started blogging, when that blog was just Marty, and he got maybe 500 hits a day. But he stuck with it, blogged regularly, and trackbacked diligently. JWF was always showing up in the Hot Air trackbacks. Pretty soon, he became a familiar presence in the blogosphere, part of the conversation.

It took JWF six months to get his first Instalanche, but now look at him: 80,000+ visits per month (projected 27K/wk.)* and growing. Heck, if he keeps it up at this rate, pretty soon Insty will be trackbacking at JWF -- and it's just a simple Blogspot operation!

Blogging is not rocket science, but it requires persistence and trackbacking like a mofo.

UPDATE II: Apparently, great minds think alike. (Rusty, you ought to give Vinnie a raise!) And that's another trackback.

UPDATE III: I originally goofed that figure (*) by misreading the Site Meter and failing to do the basic math. You don't want to know how stupid my original number was. The point is, now it's right.

UPDATE IV: Also linked at Memeorandum. (Click that link. All red-blooded patriotic Americans click Memeorandum links. If you don't click that link, you are un-American.)

UPDATE V: Linked at LGF. Thanks! Also linked by Jeremy Lott at AmSpecBlog.


  1. F--- the RINOs Rudy McRomney!

  2. You guys need to understand El Capitan Amnesty. McCain is UNFIT for Commander-In-Chief.

    Go to:

    McCain is the Benedict of our time!

  3. If McCan manages to sleaze his way into the GOP nomination, I, in good Conscience, cannot vote for him. I will not vote for Hillary or Obama, either......

    This leaves me with the gut-wrenching choice of voting a third party.

    The GOP Nomination isn't locked, yet, but if McCain does happen to win (I was sick to my stomach when I saw that he had won Florida), he'll not get my vote.....

    Mayor Bloomberg very well may, unless some REAL maverick Conservatice decides to go 3rd party, as well....

  4. How do you classify EITHER of them as handsome? After 40, they become Just Another Old Man to me. Fatherly, if you will. Grandfatherly, even. Yuck.

  5. I'm also sick to my stomach and another staunch GOP voter who will NOT cast a ballot for Juan McAmnesty. Not real crazy about Romney but I will support him and campaign against McAmnesty.

    I hate that the MSM give Rush all the credit for the anti-McAmnesty. They have no clue how much damage WE the people can do.