Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Despair is not an option

A winner never quits, and a quitter never wins.
-- Vince Lombardi

Tuesday night, I took a break from cleaning out my desk to attend an event with some young conservatives. About 9 p.m., one guy checked his Blackberry to see the Florida results, and the reaction -- I said they were conservatives, didn't I? -- was disappointment at the news that Crazy Cousin John had narrowly edged Mitt Romney in the winner-take-all primary.

The next reaction was equally predictable: "Oh, McCain's got momentum ... going to be hard for Romney to recover by Super Tuesday" etc., etc.

In other words, despair and defeatism, an acceptance of what The Experts have said would be the inevitable consequences of this event.

Don't quit, boys. For God's sake, don't ever quit. So long as there is room for hope, so long as victory is a possibility, so long as you have strength for the fight, you owe it to yourself to keep hoping and keep fighting.

Hope and courage must always go hand-in-hand. If you will spread hope and encouragement in this dark hour of disappointment, you will do more for your candidate than you know.

"Look," I said to my young friends, "starting Wednesday at noon, Rush Limbaugh is going to pull out all the stops. He's going to hammer McCain with everything he's got. He's going to come at him from every angle, for three solid hours, and then he's going to do it for another three hours on Thursday, then Friday, then Monday, then Tuesday. You can count on 15 hours of Rush doing all he can to persuade conservatives not to vote for McCain, and that's got to have some effect. Romney made it close in Florida, and a week is forever in politics. ...."

Et cetera. There is room for hope, and therefore there is no room for despair.

Listen up, Romneyites: You've got Rush Limbaugh on your side, and that's the kind of message-power that no other candidate can match. Rush spent a couple weeks on a Stop Huckabee jag, and then he spent a couple of weeks messing around with the whole Obama-Hillary matchup. But that's over now.

John McCain may be only 6 days away from locking up the Republican nomination, and Rush Limbaugh is 100% dedicated to preventing that. Do not underestimate that, and therefore do not despair.

Huckabee got 14% in Florida. He's your biggest obstacle to defeating Crazy Cousin John.

I'm not trying to pull a Hugh Hewitt here. This year's crop of Republican candidates was never ideal. My favorite candidate (Duncan Hunter) never had a chance, and my next favorite (Fred Thompson) never gained momentum. So if Romney is my favorite of the remaining candidates, neither am I a starry-eyed true believer.

Still, many of my personal friends have been Romney supporters since 2006 (or even earlier) and even Romney's harshest critics must admit, he's got presidential hair.

Great hair + El Rushbo = ??

You've got a good candidate and a good chance. Commit yourself to victory, spread hope and good cheer among your comrades, and give it your best shot.

Besides which, Crazy Cousin John is crazy. He's got six days to bite his tongue and try not to say what he really thinks, and he might actually slip up and say something so crazy that he effectively defeats himself.

And then there's "Amnesty Mel" Martinez ...
UPDATE: Thanks for the Hot Air headline link. Malkin, of course, is all over it. And if you liked this post, here's something new that I promise you're going to love.

UPDATE II: Sorry if this was a dead link for a few minutes this morning. Meant to add an update and republish, and instead did "save as draft," a too-easy error on the new Blogger software. Bryan links, and Hot Air commenter BobH laments:
Seems like Bob Dole all over again….
Exactly, and brought to you by the same GOP Establishment who brought you that previous grumpy old loser. For some reason, the GOP Establishment has a predisposition to sourpusses who are disdainful of the party's conservative grassroots. It's almost like they want to lose.


  1. That helped. A little. Thanks.

  2. I am all for stopping illegal immigration and sending illegals home. I hate the dudes who call them undocumented. However, it is also silly to think that we can deport these freeloaders - 12M of them. It will cost too much if we let the govt do it. It is better to do nothing. JM is misguided but so are the right wing zealots like MM and RL. These guys are lunatics. RL and MM have unloaded on JM in a way I couldn't bear hearing. I turned the drug addict off. I like him much better when he is lambasting the HL.
    JM will be way better than all the candidates already there. And he is a genuine war hero. When you grow the balls to stand up to heat for 5 years in a prison, speak up against him.

  3. Why doesn't the RNC or GOP run some ads with the real McCain? There are plenty liberal drivel bites out there with JM in them.

    Put out some ads showing amnesty,anti-tax breaks,no borders,gang of 12, and how much he loves the Clintons!!!

    Let's stop this madness called McCain!

    We can't just rely on Rush. Also, whichever of the so-called "CONSERVATIVE" talk show hosts accept the McCain hand of friendship first, write them off and turn them off!

    Defeat McCain!!!!!!!

  4. well, geez, from that point of view we can just put all ex-POW's in his cabinet and we should be fine. geez.

    as far as deporting is concerned, that would take a concerted effort using a series of different tactics that would ultimately work. Arizona as an example now. but Juan McCain along with the likes of Juan Hernandez9please look this guy up) will see to it that nothing like that happens. Shamnesty, open border, continued crime on our side of the border, etc. All hallmarks of a Juan McCain presidency ... but since he makes HRC look like a youngster, a Mac presidency will never happen. Juan McCain ... the new Bob Dole.

  5. Yes it did help, and while Rush has the airwaves, please don't discount that we the people also have a voice and a vote.

    To Anonymous who thinks we can't deport all the illegals: First and foremost if we uphold the law of the land, they will self-deport. Secondly, are you trying to convince us that if enough people break the law we have to simply ignore that?

    But most importantly anonymous, it's not that Juan McAmnesty doesn't want to deport illegals, it's that McAmnesty shook his finger at us and told us that what we thought didn't matter. That is not representative government and it shows that JM believes that what he decides is more important than what the people he represents want.

    McAmnesty is a sheep in wolf's clothing. Yes, he is a war hero. That does not make him fit to lead a nation or make him a conservative. I, and many others, will not cast a vote for McAmnesty. His recent actions tell me exactly who he is and what he believes and it does not represent my beliefs. I will not vote for a liberal in conservative cloth. I'd rather vote a third party or sit out the first election since I've been old enough to vote.

  6. As long as teh colleges in our country continue to accept illegal students without social security numbers to register for classes and get grants and degrees, as long as the college professors (most of them are liberal and outspoken)are permitted to manipulate and totally brainwash in some instances the students, the votes will not be for a republican nor a conservative. Our young conservative college students must be armed with accurate information and diplomacy in handling the barrage of insults from the leftist professors. I took on some when I went back to school for a few courses. However, as a mature person, I have lived through the sixties, seventies and until now. So the revisionism of our history couldn't work on me. these young college students are getting indoctrinated and don't even know it. the only thing I can count on is that God will show them the way. Unless they come from a home where conservative values and political discussion is common, they don't have a chance, unless rebellion common to youth saves them from their parents' liberal ideas and their professors' liberal, Stalinist passions.