Tuesday, January 29, 2008

KO disses MK

It was inevitable, I suppose. The Sweetheart of The Blogosphere(TM) has been named Worst Person In The World by Keith Olbermann.

As Allah says, MK's remark that President Clinton "got a lot of passes" from the media during his presidency makes her guilty of denying "the Olby Creation Myth" about the Lewinsky scandal.

Politics and show business often attract unstable personalities who engage in irrational behavior. For a middle-aged professional broadcaster like Olbermann to stake his career on being the most openly left-wing anchor in television was, and is, a very stupid and dangerous thing to do. The entire idea of the "Worst Person In the World" segment is absurdly childish. And picking on MK is symptomatic of a disordered mind.

James Joyner:

While I realize that “Worst Person in the World” is one of Olbermann’s shticks and that it’s meant to be hyperbole, it’s really a bizarre title to bestow for expressing an opinion on such a minor issue.

Like I said, symptomatic of a disordered mind. Give a guy like that a cable TV show, let him feed poison into the minds of a few hundred thousand similarly disturbed souls and what do you get? Well, consider the "fan mail" generated by Olbermann's attention, as MK herself describes it:

Ooh, the first of the enlightened liberal acolytes of Olbermann writes to tell me to go back to pole-dancing. Progressive!
Why is Keith Olberman so vicious? What prompts his rage? It's really simple: If you disagree with him, you are denying the validity of his vision. And his vision is what makes KO special, see?

To tell KO that he's not special, to deny his genius, his greatness, his absolute centrality to Life In The Universe ... how cruel can you be?
UPDATE: Linked at Memeorandum.

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