Wednesday, December 17, 2008

White guys need not apply

The Washington Post is looking for a liberal columnist, preferably female or minority:
Exciting news: The Metro section is looking to add a columnist.
We want a columnist who becomes a must-read feature in the paper and on the Web. We want a columnist who can offer a compelling and provocative read twice a week, who is an exceptional reporter, voiced writer and deep thinker. We want a columnist who has a lot to say and really looks forward to saying it. . . .
This is an opportunity to add something new. We want to hear your vision for that -- be it traditional or nontraditional, roving or from your desk, character-driven or comment-driven. The column could be aimed at singles or families, emotion-oriented or consumer-oriented, the voice of a professional or of Joe or Jane the Plumber. That is, what kind of columnist would add the most to the Metro section at present? What new adventures on the Web could it bring? This is an opportunity to invent something new online and in print.
That's from an internal staff e-mail obtained by Fishbowl DC. So if you're a female or minority liberal looking to add more useless tedium to a newspaper with dwindling circulation and ad revenue, this is your big chance!

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  1. "Voiced writer"???

    What the heck does that mean in English? And who wrote the ad?