Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Arne Duncan + Bill Ayers?

Obama's pick for Secretary of Education has been pallin' around with terrorists, says E.M. Zanotti:
Arne Duncan is Bestest Buddies with the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. In fact, he worked with the Annenberg Challenge to program curriculum in Chicago Public Schools. . . .
Stanley Kurtz carefully outlines how [Bill] Ayers served on the board of and influences the activities of the Annenberg Challenge. According to Kurtz, Ayers had much more control over the direction of the project than either then Annenberg Challenge or Duncan will ever be willing to admit. And the Annenberg Project, according to Education Week, which is a go-to resource on all things curriculum related in public schools, had a heavy influence on Duncan’s curriculum agenda.
Via Michelle Malkin. BTW, a couple of weeks ago, friends and I were out for an evening in D.C., walking down the street when we passed Miss Zanotti, who was instantly recruited to join us for cigars at Shelley's Back Room Tavern. A weird and spontaneous happenstance.

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