Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sarah: Don't do it

Don't let anyone -- not even Allahpundit -- talk you into running for the Senate. I don't care what the polls say. Being governor is better than being a senator. This past campaign, with three senators (Obama, Hillary and Crazy Cousin John) in the running, was an exception that proves the rule.

The people urging you to run for the Senate are doing so because they don't want you to run for president in 2012. Since I do want you to run for president in 2012, I say skip the Senate race.

Read my lips: No more Bushes.


  1. He's right, Sarah. Don't do it. Stay at home in Alaska where the amount of harm you can do to the nation is minimal. The U.S. does need to elect a woman President, but not you. We need for the U.S.'s first female president to be the real thing, not some dolled up tart who thinks running for President is just another beauty pageant. Almost each day that passes, another major character flaw of yours is revealed.

    Your true calling is to join a secretarial pool, in a big city, in a huge corporation, where all your work is proofed by someone who knows what they are doing and you never have a chance to say anything publicly.

    My comment likely will not appear here, because the blog author seems to be infatuated with you and is convinced, despite everything you have done to dispel any notion that you understand anything, thinks you could step up directly out of an Alaskan outhouse and become possibly the most powerful person on the planet.

  2. Harm to the nation? Are you confusing Sarah Palin with other elected *cough-Democrat* sleazoids and greed-trolls? Free ride for the BO Messiah and his countless blunders & careless associations (57 states in US, "clinging bitterly to religion & guns," "spread the wealth" socialist agenda, Bill Ayers "just a guy in my neighborhood," ACORN, Rev. Wright, Rod Blagojevich, Tony Rezko, the overall Chicago politics cesspool, etc.)? Free ride for Joe Biden for his fall from grace with his exposed plagiarism some years back, or every time he opens his mouth these days? Palin's got flaws, yes, but none that are any more embarrassing or distressing or that challenge the veracity of our Harvard-grad Prez-Elect and that of his stupidly grinning, mouth-amuck toadie.

    Palin in 2012 will be a breath of fresh air after inhaling the fetid stench coming from Washington and Chicago anymore.