Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Whatever Bob Shrum says . . .

. . . do the opposite:
The Republicans' behavior on the auto industry bailout could easily be dismissed as childish if only it weren't so dangerous.
Their vote reflected a black-and-white ideology of free markets versus government—seasoned by a knee-jerk enmity to organized labor. . . .
Republican Senators also engaged in a bout of short-term populism that reflected the polling of the moment: Voters disaffected by the $700-billion bailout of Wall Street said they were against $14 billion more for the auto companies. The voters’ attitudes could change instantly, of course, if the Republican ideologues were actually to get their way. As General Motors, then Chrysler and probably even Ford was forced into bankruptcy, the likely outcome wouldn't just be a restructured industry. Markets would collapse, companies and jobs would be annihilated across the Midwest and a second Great Depression might well descend on the globe. . . .
Can Republicans bail themselves out of their past and their own pre-conceptions? Can they bring themselves to cooperate? That's what John McCain suggested this weekend. . . .
Fuck you, Bob Shrum. Who's paying you to say this? Does New York University's Wagner School of Public Service know that you're being paid to lobby for the bailout? Because I know for damn sure you're not doing this for free, you thievish lying whore.

UPDATE: What Shrum is doing, in case anyone doesn't get it, is to try to push enough Republican votes so that the outgoing Congress and the Bush administration can take the blame for the bailout, which is unpopular with voters. Just like John McCain's support for the $70 billion Wall Street bailout destroyed his campaign, Shrum knows that if Obama and the Democrats get stuck with the bailout, it will hurt them politically. The more Republicans vote against it, the worse the Democratic damage will be, since the GOP will be positioned to reclaim its mantle of fiscal responsibility and can take credit for opposing corporate welfare. Bush's support for the bailout represents his own political bankruptcy.

UPDATE II: Michelle Malkin reminds you to call the White House switchboard at 202-456-1414.


  1. if the Republican ideologues were actually to get their way
    Help me to understand exactly what is "Republican" or "ideological" in nature about supporting the Constitution and Amendment X.
    2008 is nothing if not a robbery writ large.
    F-bombs all around.

  2. Please, R.S., tell us how you really feel about Bob Shrum?! BTW, I think that there should have been an exclamation point in your "F--- you, Bob Shrum". And yes, I agree with your sentiment.

  3. Can we include the horse Bob Shrum rode in on too?

  4. Earth to McCain: Next time you cross the aisle, stay there!

  5. Bob Schrum is a F'ing loser. When was the last time he won a campaign for anyone of note?