Monday, November 24, 2008

Sid is back!

Wherever the Wicked Witch goes, can her flying monkeys be far behind?
Late last week, as stories swirled around Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's possible jump to the job of Secretary of State, another longtime Clinton aide's name began to crop up: former journalist and Clinton back-room consigliere, Sidney Blumenthal.
Should Clinton accept the Secretary of State job, Blumenthal, it is believed, will move to Foggy Bottom as a counsel to the secretary, a post that will not require Senate confirmation, but will require an extensive security and background check.
According to Obama transition team sources, Clinton aides presented them with a list of potential senior staff for the Secretary of State office, and Blumenthal's name -- without a title or role described -- was on it.
Hope! Change! Sidney Blumenthal! Don't you know there's got to be some Obama volunteers who walked precincts for him in New Hampshire who are now about to blow a gasket over Hillary getting a Cabinet post -- and bringing her evil minions with her?

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  1. Swell. Another Clinton zombie called forth to serve in Obama's government of the undead.