Wednesday, November 26, 2008

'Hawaii Five-0' is only #8?

This list of the 40 Greatest TV Theme Songs (via AOSHQ) commits an injustice against a tune rivaled only by the "Peter Gunn" theme. Listen to how the French horns start doing counterpoint at the 53-second mark -- that's quality, baby:

I would also argue for the inclusion of the magnificent theme from "The Virginian":


  1. Dude, Hawaii Five-O? You've got to be kidding. It's practically "go-go" music. And that hinky electric piano! Arrrgh! This theme is to Peter Gunn as Chopsticks is to Beethoven's 5th.

  2. The muppets, Sesame street and the love boat beat out The Rockford Files? Some of the choices in there were crack addled. MI gets my vote. Lalo Schifrin is great.

  3. This is a really crappy list.

    Don't do this to me again. Yah, here?

  4. The evaluator is WAAYYYYY too Hollywood.

    Peter Gunn is, hands-down, the very best theme song. Memorable, well-crafted, 'music-is-the-message.'

    Couldn't ask for more. Perry Mason should be on the list as #2.