Friday, November 28, 2008

Mumbai aftermath

Allahpundit has an extensive roundup of the news on the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India. Still waiting on the all-clear at the Taj hotel.

This was a sophisticated attack. The terrorists had thoroughly cased the locations, and had checked into the hotel days in advance. The terrorists targeted Jews, killing five, including a rabbi and his wife. Americans were also targeted, including a Virginia man and his daughter who were killed.

There is no fool-proof means of preventing such attacks, in India or anywhere else. The only effective long-term strategy is to identify terrorist groups and their members, place them under surveillance, and try to disrupt their plans by arresting them for weapons charges, immigration violations and the like.


  1. There is no way to prevent attacks like this or violent crime in general. We CAN, however, shoot the bastards when they attack IF we are armed and trained to use the tools of defense.

    A dead terrorist can't kill.

  2. As we can all tell these terrorists aren't human nor do they care about human life, they are like a pest that needs to be irradicated anyway possible, they don't act nor do they have compassion like humans, so as far as I am concerned they don't have human rights as long as they act like a Terrorist (PEST),When a Country is looking for these Terrorists the Government shouldn't give them any slight excuse, if there is a minenute
    chance they are terrorists they need to be arrested,Given a trial,and if guilty execute immediately like the (Pests) they
    are, in fact if we know where they are hiding we should spray poison on Terrorist and irradicate them, this may seem in-humane to some,but those people that are out there that think that it is in-humane just wait until they go into elementary schools and do what they did at Mumbai to 300-500 little Children, we people that want to live like human being's need to draw line somewhere, so if the Terrorist cross that line, there will be conciquence's that they have to deal with, and also we that want to live as human beings shouldn't have to be concerned about civilians being near terrorists camps they have the choice to leave !
    P.S. Just remember how will you feel when some of these terrorist break into your childs school and masacure all the children, this type of terror has to be stopped one way or the other !