Thursday, October 2, 2008

Video: Union goon to members: OBEY!

AFL-CIO Goon-in-Chief Richard Trumka warns the proletariat that Hope and Change are mandatory:

"There's not a single good reason for any worker -- especially any union member -- to vote against Barack Obama, and there's only one really, really bad reason to vote against Barack Obama, and that's because he's not white."
Gee, maybe Allen West should try this tactic down in Florida: If you vote against a black candidate, you're a racist.

I have argued for years that labor unions are not democratic. Rather, they are extortionist conspiracies that represent the interests of the hired goons rather than the interests of the members. To quote my favorite blogger:
The whole purpose of labor unions is to collect money to pay fat salaries for the lazy goons who do no actual work. Unions exist exclusively to serve the interests of their leadership, and the poor saps in the rank-and-file -- forced to pay dues as a condition of employment -- are merely the prey of the parasitical goons.
If you are a union member who believes otherwise, let me ask you a simple question: Why do you believe otherwise?

Who told you that the union represents your interests? Who told you that your employer is wrongfully exploiting you? Who told you that, without the representation of a labor union, you'd be helpless and impoverished?

The goons taught you that. And if you say, "No, I learned it in school," guess what? The goons of the teachers unions control what's taught in public schools, too. If you're such a chump that you're going to let the goons tell you what to think, I guess you don't mind them telling you how to vote.

Why is Trumka so desperate to make sure that all those dues-paying chumps follow orders and vote for Hope and Change? Two words: "Check card."

Obama has promised to abolish secret ballots in unionization votes, so that the goons will know whose tires to slash and whose windows to smash in their terror campaigns against workers who'd rather keep their own wages rather than being forced to pay union dues to support the goonocracy.

Did I forget to explain that "corrupt union official" is redundant? You'll find a virgin in a bordello before you'll find an honest man running a labor racket. Union goons aren't merely detestable scum. They're the poisonous bacteria that infests the vicious parasites that feed on the rancid slime that encrusts the detestable scum.

The difference between the labor movement and syphilis is that occasionally decent people contract syphilis through no fault of their own. And syphilis is curable, while it seems nothing can eradicate the menace of labor unionism.

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  1. what a loony right wing nutter you are.