Friday, October 3, 2008

'An American Carol' tonight!

Today is the opening of "An American Carol":

Some very clever casting here: Kelsey Grammar as Gen. George S. Patton -- who would have thought of that? And introducing country singer Trace Adkins as the Angel of Death -- that's edgy, and I could see Adkins getting more work after this auspicious film debut.

Tonight, I'll be attending a showing of "An American Carol" in Arlington, Va., as part of the DC American Film Renaissance festival.

UPDATE: Anita Crane has an interview with "An American Carol" executive producer Myrna Sokoloff in today's American Spectator.

UPDATE II: Smitty, if you'll bring an extra $25, I'll bring an extra copy of the book. I could use the gas money.

UPDATE III: Jeremy, je suis une journaliste. Mai oui.


  1. CONTENT WARNING: Suck-up.
    I'll be there, too. Can I find a copy of your book and get an autograph?
    I'll probably be the only one sporting a USS Constitution ballcap.

  2. Are you doing the Pub Crawl afterward?

  3. @jeremey
    Didn't pay to, and I have to do my Navy Reserve physical readiness test 1st thing Saturday morning.
    Thirdly, alcohol excites me about like socialism, for all I do enjoy the taste of hops.