Thursday, March 20, 2008

Where's Waldo?

Osama bin Laden releases a new tape, just to remind us infidels that . . . well, that he can still release tapes, anyway:
Pan-Arab Al-Jazeera TV on Thursday broadcast what it described as excerpts from a new audio tape by Usama bin Laden in which the Al Qaeda leader slammed Palestinian negotiations with Israel and urged holy war for the liberation of Palestine.
In the audio excerpts broadcast by the Doha, Qatar-based television, bin Laden said that "Palestine cannot be retaken by negotiations and dialogue, but with fire and iron."
Bin Laden also called on Palestinians who are unable to fight in the "land of Al-Quds" — a Muslim reference to Jerusalem — to join the Al Qaeda fight and the holy war, or jihad, in Iraq.
Yawn. The U.S. surge in Iraq has pretty much crushed al-Qaeda's operations there, and bin Laden's crew hasn't hit a major target in the West in years. So now bin Laden tries to stir up the Palestinians -- as if they needed more stirring up.

Allahpundit calls the tape Osama's "A 'desperate bid for relevance' . . . made more desperate [by] some as yet unknown contingency."

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