Thursday, March 20, 2008

By the company he keeps

Showing once again why John McCain can't be trusted, his advisor Lawrence Eagleburger disses Christian conservatives:
"On the Christian hard right, I live in Charlottesville now and I can't tell you I'm surrounded by it," Eagleburger said. "I must tell you we fought it there, fought hard against it. There's no question that in the Republican Party it is a serious problem...Among the hard-right conservatives in the Republican Party, John McCain was, shall we say, less than enthusiastically received...What you see is what you get. You are not going to see him moving to assuage the concerns of these conservatives.
"The issues that have concerned the far right I don't see and I don't expect to see any changes. I know there will be some people in his entourage who will want to advocate for those changes, and again, I don't believe he will shift on those fundamental issues. For example, on abortion, he's clear, he's opposed. On one of the issues that upsets the far right, stem cell research, he is prepared to accept some of that, and that's something that upsets the far right. I could go on with these issues."
(Via Memeorandum.) Crazy Cousin John surrounds himself with people like Eagleburger who are profoundly at odds with the grassroots of the Republican Party. And thinks grassroots Republicans are too dumb to see it.

Like I said yesterday, I'm voting Libertarian. The Libertarians aren't down for the Christian conservative agenda either, but at least they're not two-faced about it. Crazy Cousin John spits in the face of conservatives and then expects us to vote for him. I'll spit right back.

Exit question: Why would Eagleburger go out of his way to denounce Christian conservatives in front of the United Jewish Committees? So far as I can see, UJC is an organization that is strongly pro-Israel, and your average evangelical Christian -- which is what most people mean when they refer to "the Christian Right" -- is very staunchly pro-Israel. So why does Eagleburger go to the UJC and portray himself as an anti-Christian warrior and calling Christian activism "a serious problem" for the Republican Party"?

UPDATE: Cato's Benjamin Friedman is amazed that Ann Lewis apparently knows nothing about patriotism, sovereignty, or the constitutional role of the president.

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