Sunday, March 16, 2008

The biohazard of 'choice'

Michigan residents were shocked last week to learn that garbage dumped outside an abortion clinic included potentially dangerous medical waste:
Lathrup Village police and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality called in a hazardous waste disposal company early Monday morning to haul away blood-soaked gauze, surgical instruments and other biomedical waste found in the Dumpster outside the Lathrup Village office of WomanCare. DEQ officials later searched the garbage outside of a WomanCare clinic in Sterling Heights but it was unclear if they recovered anything. ...
Alberto Hodari, the clinics' medical director, said nothing was recovered from the Dumpster in Sterling Heights. He blamed the Lathrup Village situation on an error.
"They had a new employee on Saturday," Hodari said.
But Monica Miller, director of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, scoffed that the clinic had made a mistake at one clinic. "That's a bunch of B.S.," Miller said. "Then that staff member must work at every single one of his clinics."
Her group prompted the official investigation after a monthlong search allegedly uncovered improper disposal of biomedical waste, fetal remains, and reams of medical documents in garbage receptacles outside of the WomanCare offices in Lathrup Village, Sterling Heights and Southgate.
After several searches in February, the group called on police and state officials. They also secured a funeral home to hold the estimated dozen fetuses for a spring burial.
"It's absolutely despicable," said Miller. "No human being belongs in the trash. What does this say about our culture: that life is trash?"
While the newspaper used the non-specific term "biomedical waste" to describe what was in Hodari's garbage, the pro-life group whose investigation prompted the police search published details from their report to the police:

Milissa and I began investigating the dumpster behind the Womancare facility Friday, February 8, 2008. What we found that Friday were patient records and open condom wrappers.
By looking through these documents we learned patients' names, phone numbers, addresses, ages, how long their pregnancy had lasted, what they were being seen by the doctor for, insurance forms, methods of payment, and several lab reports. We also discovered in the trash used syringes, ultrasound pictures of the babies, dozens of used drug vials, several used IV bags with the sharps still attached, bloody absorbent paper, open condom wrappers, used condoms, and bloody used laminaria.
On our third trash investigation we also found bloody canulas and human tissue distinguishably not a baby, except this time we also discovered infant body parts, including arms, hands, legs, feet, a spine, a ribcage, and eyes.
We estimate we found at least ten different infants.

"Infants"? I thought they were just "blobs of tissue"!

I blogged in December about Alberto Hodari, the abortionist who runs these clinics, but just in case you've forgotten who he is, here's some video of his speech at Wayne State University, in which he described the "great satisfaction" he gets from doing abortions:

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