Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Media fellatio for Obama

Has any candidate ever enjoyed more obsequious coverage than Obama got for his Tuesday "race" speech? If being lauded by the MSM is the standard by which such things are judged, it was a smash success.

Newsbusters caught "highlights" (lowlights?) of the media fawn-fest:
Sad to think that Eliot Spitzer had to pay "Kristen" thousands of dollars, while these reporters are doing Obama for free.
Expect much more -- and much worse -- biased coverage if Obama gets the Democratic nomination. The MSM will portray Obama as a saint, and any Republican who dares question this portrayal will be treated like a hard-hearted hatemonger. The only reason ABC News ran the Rev. Wright story was as a favor to Team Hillary. But such criticism will end the moment Obama clinches the nomination -- if, indeed, he does.

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