Saturday, May 3, 2008


Ed Morrisey is shocked -- shocked! -- that Murdoch's Fox would stoop so low as to do skin-sational tabloid TV about a buxom blonde who was fired from her teaching job because she was moonlighting as a bikini babe on a charter fishing boat.

The bikini doesn't offend me, but that tattoo is gross. Nothing says "trashy tramp" quite so eloquently as a tattoo, and she's got a huge tattoo on her shoulder. Also, her name is "Tiffany," which is one of those total trailer-park names. Between that name, that tattoo and that fake-blonde hair, she's only slightly less obvious than Ashley Alexandra Dupre.

BTW, speaking of skin-sational tabloids, my friend Victor Morton chastised me yesterday for failing to give him credit for telling me that Benny Hill "Page Three" joke.

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