Sunday, April 27, 2008

Name That Party, Part MCMLXXIV

Paging Don Surber! A politician makes an overtly religious appeal, and yet his party affliation is mysteriously omitted.
Here's a hint: He's been accused of corruption.

Is it just me, or is Instapundit guilty of "racial overtones"? Speaking of overtones, Ace of Spades asks:
In what version of the Bible can one ask for forgiveness for someone else's sins (or in this case, capital crimes)? There was a bit of this is in the Middle Ages with the buying of indulgences for others who had sinned, but that theory of redemption-by-proxy has been long discredited.
It's the same stupid liberal impulse to pretend that evil-doers are not themselves blameworthy and instead make a great show of one's own enlightenment by ostentatiously "taking responsibility" for one's contribution to someone else's evil.
Me? I'm just too lazy to be evil.

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