Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Video: NC anti-Obama ad

Michelle Malkin: "What is the big freaking' deal?"

Michelle's right. There's nothing wrong with the ad, and nothing wrong with the North Carolina GOP making a point about state Democratic politicians endorsing Obama. It's called "politics" and, as my girl Hillary would say, if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

I suspect the expressions of horror and condemnation from the RNC and the McCain campaign are essentially phony. They want to distance themselves from a potentially controversial attack ad, but they really don't mind the NC GOP taking the lead in roughing up Obama.

If Obama gets the Democratic nomination, McCain's going to have to get rough on his opponent sooner or later, and those fall attack ads will be less controversial if McCain is following a pre-established line of attack.

Sean Hackbarth makes a good point:
How is this different than McCain bringing up the Obama-Ayers connection last Sunday on ABC's This Week?
In the case of Ayers we're still trying to figure out how close the two are. With Wright there's no question what he said, and we know Obama was a member of his church from almost 20 years. How is speculating about a relationship less "offensive" than incontrovertible facts?
Generally speaking, when an opponent complains that an attack ad is "unfair," that's a good sign the attack is effective. Republicans are the only ones who ever complain about their own party's attack ads being "unfair."

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