Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pelosi's partisan priorities

Rep. Trent Franks, Arizona Republican, is steamed at the misplaced priorities of the Nancy Pelosi Democrats:
Almost 2 weeks ago, the House of Representatives adjourned for vacation after House leadership decided to allow the Protect America Act to expire rather than bring the Senate's version to a vote, which would have passed easily. Then today, in its first official act since adjourning for vacation, the Democrat leadership of the House Judiciary Committee decided to subpoena a former Secretary of State from Ohio whose only offense was to politely decline an invitation to appear at a hearing. I find it absolutely appalling that Democrats are choosing to sacrifice our first responsibility, which is providing for the protection and security of the American people and our troops abroad whose security desperately depends on foreign intelligence -- and instead are focusing on yet another political goose chase for the sake of partisan politics.
If Pelosi & Company are trying to ensure that their tenure as the House majority is a short one, they're doing a good job. Even the Associated Press can't help noticing how ridiculous they look:
With a week to go before a new round of critical presidential primaries, the hearing in Congress showed just how much lingering suspicion remains among Democrats over the last two presidential elections.
Democrats on the subcommittee won a vote authorizing a subpoena for Kenneth Blackwell, a Republican and Ohio's top election official in 2004, the year many Democrats charged that their supporters were being discouraged from voting. The state's 2008 presidential primary takes place next Tuesday.
Republicans on the panel derided the subpoena effort as a waste of time.
The alleged "voter suppression" is nothing of the kind. In fact, such complaints occur almost exclusively in Democrat-dominated urban precincts and are not the result of Republican malice, but of incompetent election officials in those precincts.

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