Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rule 5 Sunday

By Smitty
Welcome back for another Rule 5 Sunday post. Here we kick back and admire tasteful acts of beauty for their own sake. This post accepts updates, so put "Rule 5" in the Subject and email me all your hot chicks at smitty for inclusion.

To the links:
  • How could we not start off with Carol at No Sheeples Here, who found Stacy laying it down for an audience somewhere, as well as two classic beauties abreast some gargoyle or other.
  • Meanwhile, Paco finds some Hedy Lamarr, Laraine Day, Jane Greer,
    Gene Tierney, and a bit of Mitchum for the ladies. Rule 5 at its finest.
  • What is Easter without bunnies, e.g. Carmen Electra, inquires Jamie Jeffords
  • Neal Boortz reports an optical illusion of sorts.
  • As this is such a highbrow effort, we'll serve a reflective link to Ask Men's 10 Hottest Historical Women. Go learn something, you flakes.
  • Under the topic history having been made, Donald Douglas noted a lovely attendee at a Tea Party.
  • Miss Cellania, while not formally making a submission, did post a camel to' link that is perhaps a little off-topic
  • We have Drew Barrymore arrayed in lovely retro fashion.
  • Our own Troglopundit has a fine roundup of unbrushed models. Because who really thinks they can top nature? Bonus: Carmen Electra, sans makeup, with a kitten on 'er bum (there was a raunchier intro that came to mind, but our high standards do not support such pussy-footing around.)
  • The Political Castaway has had a celtic moment, and we heartily approve.
  • We'd be remiss not to include Fausta's beefcake from last week. We had that on the FMJRA post yesterday, but she gives good podcast, and we need the balance.

Hammer smitty with links to your tasteful Rule 5 posts, and ponder supporting the good RSM with some gas money to get home.

UPDATE: Do not let my non-command of Blogger's scheduling facility dismay. Rather, note this righteousness:

UPDATE II (By RSM): Remember Ileana Zayas, the Georgia Libertarian with the cool "Don't Tread On Me" tattoo? Guess who she was hanging out with after the state convention?

Yes, that's Libertarian blog legend Jason Pye. Too bad for Miss Zayas, Jason's already married. However, since she's so into bloggers, I had another suggestion . . .

Speaking of nuptials, the Track-a-'Crat has what I think may be vintage Angelina Jolie, but some other experts will need to weigh in on this one.

And the HotMES adds Gabrielle Union to the mix.

Little Miss Attila joins the fray, making three bloggers in this roundup. I rejoiced at Joy's Joyce reference.

The Daley Gator finalizes things with some Danica Patrick. Lovely.


  1. Just a note for those of you keeping score at home.

    The appropriate measure of feminine hotness is the milliHelen. This is science and it's important to use an appropriate ratings system, that whole 1 to 10 thing is just juvenile.

    See, Helen of Troy was the most beautiful woman in all of history. It is also known that she had a face that could launch 1,000 ships. So we have a maximum for our scale. It is also fairly certain that there is no woman anywhere who cannot get someone, somewhere to lift a sail on her behalf so one would be a natural minimum. All women therefor must rate somewhere between 1 and 999 milliHelens.

    I know this is a little dry, but the lab work gets better.

  2. But were you surprised by Joyce?

  3. Ronsonic, I believe the most concise way of putting it is: a milliHelen is the amount of beauty required to launch one ship.